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FSB VEGHEL on Hwy 547 near Rao Nai river and FSB Blaze in the Ashau Valley; W of FSB Bastogne and 27 km SW of Hue. FSB Veghel
was built on two linked peaks atop a steep hill.

Taken from the SCREAMING EAGLE Apr 1971 –

“The “Drive On” B-2/501st operating in two locations approximately 10 and 17 miles southwest of Hue, was busy destroying the enemy and his cache. The 3rd platoon of CO “B” discovered a large bunker south of FSB Veghel. An investigation revealed six 82mm mortar rounds with one box of fuses, one 60mm mortar round and six antitank mines. The 3rd platoon of CO “B” then came under attack from an unknown size enemy force. An attempt by the 3rd Plat. of CO “A” to air assault and reinforce the element was aborted due to heavy fire from enemy gunners around the LZ. CO “A” moved by land toward the “Bravos” while artillery, ARA and tactical air strikes were employed. As the elements attempted to link up, both units received mortar and small arms fire. The Screaming Eagles returned organic weapons fire and again artillery was employed. The 4th platoon of CO “B” then came under attack. The element returned fire and routed the NVA. A search of the areas of fighting revealed seven enemy dead.”


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