B-2/501st 101st ABN Div 1967
Ft Campbell KY

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The one holding the flag is Mason

Row 1 (bottom) from l-r McKinney, Unknown, Jackson, Birch, Clausius, Lanzo, Wightman, Nickels, Roberts, Collins, Smith, Clark, Ballard, Ramsey, Salsberry

Row 2 from 1-r Ortiz, Gossage, Criswell, Olson, Willis, Holland, Coleman, Cosby, Maguire, Lewellen, Lassiter, Unknown, Eckert, Fender, Carlson, Brown, Hughes

Row 3 from l-r Goggans, Wallace, Raubolt, Fitch, Veilleux, Prezaz, Unknown, Rocha, Colon, Norwood, Motika, Wiseman, Perez, Elder, Steffens, Anderton, White, Guerrua

Row 4 from l-r Stanley, Unknown, McNitt, Johnson, Unknown, Doucette, Perea, Gomez, Kloster, Caylor, Cotsakos, Bettencourt, Lockett, Willburn, Colvin, Spicer, Thurman, Unknown

Row 5 from l-r Brymer, Rivers, Adair, Westwood, Templeton, Unknown, Banks, Johnson, Guffey, Campbell, Cooper, Guthrie, Wells, Unknown, Sellman, Froreich, Unknown, Lee, Robinson, Unknown

Row 6 from l-r Unknown, Nelson, Eldred, Pickford, Gardiner, Allen, Unknown, Adair, Sadler, Edwards, Martin, Anderson, Kervin, Myers, Coleman, Battle, Carr, Cummings, Ellison, Kyle

Row 7 (top) from l-r Risner, Pidgeon, Edwards, Tate, Harvey, Unknown, West, Sibert, Guenther, Unknown, Dennis, Hill, Unknown, Unknown, Massey, Griggs, Jimerson, Martin, Boyd, Peabody, Unknown, Almond, Unknown

Those identified in photo are the best recollection of several in the company. If you can identify any of the UNKNOWNS in the photo, or if anyone is identified incorrectly, please contact WEBMASTER

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