B-2/501st 1967-1972



Tulsa OK


July 8-10


Top Row: Dan Baker, Bob Clark, Dennis Peterson, Phil Hazen, Bob Colombo, Larry Muller, Gary Ervin, Mike Silverthorn, Dave Sullivan, Dan Wakefield, Dave Reinheimer, Ed Wick, Dan Hefel, Jim DelGiorno

Middle Row: John Heil, Brad Jimerson, Jim Julien, Larry Jackson, Larry Parkhurst, Jay Eilers, Jim Hallums, Pat Armendariz, Bill Damron, Pat O’Leary, Mark Hannan, Dave Krautschied, Norm Miller, George Schorr, James Duke, Al Werth, Clyde Crossguns, Ed Ramon, Darrell Heinsohn

Bottom Row: Newman Taylor, Larry Wedig, Bob Worrall, Mike Horigan, Doug Grier, Rick Browne, Chuck German, Corbin Cherry, Dave Testerman, Leo Flory, Bill Kaufman, Dwayne Huseman, James Estes, Lyle Kohmetcher, John Marks

Missing From Photo: Carson Crouse, Larry Trask


As you can see, 68-69 had the biggest showing.


26 states and 1 foreign country were represented by those attending the reunion!



Reunion was held at the brand new and beautiful


Dinner was enjoyed by all on Friday night at the Casino buffet.

Hosts for REUNION
2005 were

James and Sandy Duke

The Saturday afternoon party at the Duke Ranch was something to remember for a lifetime.

It started with Cowboy Mounted Shooting


Photo of Bob Columbo courtesy of Al Werth

There were cowboys, Indians, live Western Music and best of all a real Chuckwagon and the best darn steak you ever tasted, served from the chuckwagon with a real cowboy meal. Even the dessert was cooked in a cast iron dutch oven over hot coals and all washed down with real cowboy coffee.


The evening was full of surprises, just to name a few: A memorial service conducted by Doc Flory for all our brothers who have passed on after they reached state side. There was a special recognition service, Native American color guard, and special gifts for all. There was a talk given by gifted speaker and author, Ed Ramon and one of our own gold star mothers and her family attended and was honored. (Mrs Lahoma Guffey–Jimmy Guffey was a 1968 B-2/501st KIA). It was topped off with a group picture that was passed out the next day. At the end of the BBQ
it was time to do company business again.

Everyone was pleased with the accommodations at the new resort. There was a golf scramble on Friday, a dinner at the Casino buffet on Friday night, a dinner at the ranch on Saturday night and much visitation and pool side fun was enjoyed by all. Debbie Peterson designed nametags with Vietnam photos on them. She also took pictures of each one in attendance. Many brought memorabilia, pictures and photo albums to share. Brad Jimerson handed out 101st airborne windshield stickers. John Heil distributed leather keychains that he handbeaded with
the colors of Vietnam. Cat handed out a newly revised 27 page roster that included all 67-72 members. The casino had wonderful restaurants at
great prices, and great evening entertainment. They gave us a meeting room free of charge at a savings of over $1000.00. It was a very nice resort with golf, swimming, fitness room, and of course, gaming machines.


Many of your B-2/501st comrades generously donated funds so that no one who WANTED to attend would have to miss out on this great event!

Together then ~ Together now!


Click here for Reunion photos!




Credit for Tet Survivor Graphic
Design ~ George Crofton

Cathy Jimerson



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