SSGT Benjamin Eugene Slagowski (KIA)



Home: Evanston WY
Birth Date 1948-07-01
Race: Caucasian
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Latter Day Saints, Mormon
Rank: Grade E5 SSG
MOS: 11B40
Start of Tour 1970-10-17
Casualty Date: 1971-03-12
Casualty Type: Ground Casualty, Hostile, Died Wounds
Reason: Artillery, Rocket, Mortar
Country: South Vietnam
Province: Thua Thien
Body Recovered



Benjamin is honored on Panel 04W – Row 042 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC and is buried at Rock Springs Cemetery in Rock Springs WY



“I was made ‘Medic’ the day ‘Ski’got killed. He was a Sgt. We had run out of medics and the last one we had was getting on a chopper that day to go home. I volunteered for the job, I really didn’t expect to run into any real problems. We were on top of a hill getting re-supplied with c-rations. About an hour after we left the hill, we came under heavy mortar fire. Me and some real medic from a unit close by, went to him. He had been hit in the head and along his left side. A medivac got him out, I believe he had died already; I was told he died later. It was later reported as ‘Friendly Fire’.”


~Jack W Kato



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