1LT Mark Henry Rivest (KIA)


Lt and 2nd Platoon Leader

Photo taken Thanksgiving 69 and submitted by Dan Albrecht


Home of Record: Springfield, MA
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital Status: Single
Date of birth: 04/07/1946

Service: Army of the United States
Grade at loss: O2
Rank: First Lieutenant
ID No: 031344563
MOS: 31542: Infantry Unit Commander (Special Forces Qual)

Start Tour: 10/11/1969
Incident Date: 06/04/1970
Casualty Date: 06/04/1970
Age at Loss: 24
Location: Laos
Remains: Body recovered
Casualty Type: Hostile, died outright
Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
Casualty Detail: Gun or small arms fire




Father’s Name: Paul H. Rivest

Mother’s Name: Catherine E. (Donovan) Rivest

Sibling Names: Peter, Christopher, Michelle



Grammar School: Lambert Lavoie School, Chicopee, Massachusetts

High School: Cathedral High School, Springfield, Massachusetts

Diploma: 1964

College: Attended Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Selective Service Data:

SSS Local Board Number: 77

SSS Local Board Location: Chicopee, Massachusetts


Military Service Record:

Entry Date: March 26, 1968

Entry Mode: Enlistment

Entry Location: Springfield, Massachusetts

Home Of Record: Springfield, Massachusetts

Military Branch: Army

Military Component: Reserve

Rank: 1LT

Pay Grade: O2

MOS: 31542 (as recorded in the Southeast Asia CACCF)

MOS Title: Infantry Unit Commander

MOS Background:

The title commander doesn’t mean that LT Rivest was in fact the unit commander, but that he was an officer qualified for a leadership position in that type of unit and could have been a commander. 31542 is an invalid or unofficial MOS. As a Special Forces type, he probably was a 1542.


Awards Received:

Silver Star Medal; Bronze Star Medal with Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster; Bronze Star Medal with “V” device; Army Commendation Medal; Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Service Medal


Badges Earned:

Parachute Badge; Expert Badge with Rifle Bar and Pistol Bar

Southeast Asia Tour Data:

Date Tour Commenced: October 11, 1969

Major Command: 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

Sub Command 1: 1st Special Forces

Sub Command 2: SOA (Special Operations Augmentation) CCC (Command and Control Central)

Army Campaign Number: 11th

Army Campaign Name: Summer – Fall 1969



Burial Location: Saint Rose DeLima of Chicopee Cemetery in Chicopee, Massachusetts

Burial Date: June 18, 1970

Consigned Funeral Home: Fleury Funeral Home, Chicopee, Massachusetts

Escort Name: CPT Art M. Dello-Russo, USA (personal friend from 5th Special Forces)

Springfield 50 Casualty Order: 43rd

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Panel Number: 09W

Line Number: 9

Information from Steve Judycki


“Mark, I called your family when I got home, as I promised. When I called again you were gone forever. I miss you forever.”

~Phil Hazen

“Remembering—still think of you after all these years—wish we could have continued our friendship here back in the world—you were one hell of a guy”

~I was his company clerk, Bob Colombo

“Mark my brother, though you’ve been gone many years, the pain and loss never go away. Writing this now, I’m near to tears as I remember you and how much you meant to me as we grew up. Always your shadow, sometimes a sibling rival, never will I forget you. Happy Birthday! April 7th, 2006”

~Love, Pete (his younger brother by 26 months)

“Mark, My Friend: It has been 36 years since I escorted you home to your grieving family. I know that I have kept my word, in that I’ve never forgotten you. My wife and adult children have known your spirit and of our friendships all of their lives, and all my grandchildren, of which we now have four, will also know of your bravery, kind spirit and pride you had in being a Special Forces Officer….”

~Art Dello Russo
Cpt.5th Special Forces Gp.Abn

“I was a warehouse specialist and had the pleasure to know Mark when he was with the 1st of the 502nd 101st air mobile. I got to know him pretty well and the week before he transferred to the special forces unit, he kept bugging me for a pair of jump boots that I had been polishing to a spit shine, that happened to be his size, so he could wear them when he reported to the special forces unit, in style. I kept telling him no, but as you know Mark, he was pretty persistent and in the final day of his departure, I relinquished the boots to him because he was such a good person and treated me with respect. I have never forgotten Mark for his kindness and wish Mark peace in heaven.”

~Robert (Bob) Peralta

“Mark, most of us at Cathedral likely knew nothing of this memorial, but you’re always remembered when any of us think about ‘good people’ and good memories. The nuns have you in their prayers and all of us who knew you in WMass – the Poles from Chicopee, the Irish from Hungry Hill, the paisons from South End, and the crazy crew of mixed-misfits from the “X” and Forest Park – keep you in our hearts and memories when the flag is raised. High Salute and Semper Fi, Mark.

~Joe DeCaro-Fitzgerald

“To Sir, with Love…

Such a long time ago that I had those words engraved into a lighter, so that you could read them until you started to hear: “Yes, Sir.” Such a long time ago since we sat in Bill’s apartment exploring each other’s minds. Oh, that we could do that once more. But no time has passed that I have not thought you, prayed for you and talked with you. It is very nice to be able to read the things written here by those who also loved you. May we meet again in that place where life does not end. Little sister, Michelle…if you read this, please get in touch with me as I would very much like to have an opportunity to talk you.”

Jane Mourer, RN

Accommodation Coordinator/CC Screening Nurse

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after March 1, I will be retired and can be reached at [email protected]. My phone number is (703) 477-9487.

~Loving friend, Jane Binzen Mourer


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