B-2/501st REUNION 2001 at St Louis MO


WIVES & GIRLFRIENDS in attendance
From left to right back row:
Nancy Maxwell, Lynn Reinheimer, Merry Westwood, Carlene Viater, Gayle Wick
From left to right seated:
Sherry Marks, Cathy Jimerson, Ruth Julien, Nellie Moore
Missing from photo: Renee Parkhurst


Class of 67-68 in attendance


Dave Reinheimer – THE MAN who did such a great job organizing the reunion holding the plaque he won via the drawing FAIR AND SQUARE!


(left) Lynn Reinheimer – Dave’s wife did a GREAT job of behind the scenes organization and was a WONDERFUL hostess who made everyone feel special!

(right) Cathy Jimerson – Brad’s wife and B-2/501st webmaster


Group Dinner at the Lewis & Clark restaurant in the historic St Charles District, St Louis


Our mascot, Kris (Doug Grier’s son) the NEXT Airborne generation!


James Duke headed into the aptly named 101 hospitality room


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