Kit Carson Scout


L-R: Jimmy Grant (crouching with just head in photo), Donald Jones (standing behind him),

1st Lt Stephen Forsstrom , Nuen (Kit Carson Scout), William Linsey

Taken in 1970
Jones and Linsey, we are LOOKING for you!

Photo courtesy of Norm Miller, Class of 70-71

The Division trained its Kit Carson Scouts at the Screaming Eagle Replacement Training School (SERTS) at Bien Hoa. The course was divided into two one-week courses. The first week, the Scouts got the same training Division replacements got, attending the same classes with new in-country GIs. This served a two-fold purpose–it gave the Scouts training in our light weapons and tactics while giving the troopers a chance to get to know and respect a Vietnamese who was not only working FOR them, but WITH them. During the second week, the Scouts got patrolling, scouting, map reading and basic English taught in small classes. During their stay at SERTS, the Scouts were paired up on a buddy system with an American soldier. They trained, lived and worked together. They pulled details together, and if the soldier went to the EM or NCO Club, the Scout went too.




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