PFC Michael James Holloway (KIA)



Home of Record: Chicago, IL
Date of birth: 04/03/1949
Race: Negro
Religion: Baptist
Marital Status: Married

Service: Army of the United States
Grade at loss: E3
Rank: Private First Class
ID No: 321444133
MOS: 11B10: Infantryman
Length Service: 00

Start Tour: 06/16/1969
Incident Date: 08/13/1969
Casualty Date: 08/13/1969
Age at Loss: 20
Location: , South Vietnam
Remains: Body recovered
Casualty Type: Non-hostile, died of other causes
Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
Casualty Detail: Drowned or suffocated


Michael is buried at Lincoln Cemetery in Blue Island, Cook, Illinois and is honored on Panel 19W, Row 31 of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial


“My friend Michael was my combat buddy in my squad in Vietnam. We were in B Co 2/501 Inf. 101st ABN. Came in-country at the same time. Holloway had a peacock feather that he kept in the band of his steel-pot and on his boonie hat. Was one very brave man. He did not deserve the way he died. We were at Pohl Bridge on a barge attached to one of the pilings checking the sand-pans that came up and down the river. He could not swim but said he would never drown because he could swim under water and hold his breath long enough to come up for air. He had an inner-tube that he used to get to shore if we didn’t have a boat to take us. The water was swift and he jumped on his inner-tube. We were turned the other way when people started yelling that his tube was floating down river without him. We dove in the water but could not find him. The concertina wire was at the bottom spread across the river and Michael was hooked to it. Could not find him in the muck and wire at the bottom. The locals finally did find him. He was a true friend and Bro. Aug. 13, 1969 was one of the saddest days ever for me, in Nam. Went to the Wall in D.C. in the summer of 96 and made a rubbing from the wall. I will always remember Holloway. Left a helmet at the base of the wall with me and Jimmy DelGiorno’s name on it. Michael you were the best, trying to find another grunt that was in with us (Melvin Brown). Miss and love you always, Bro.”

~Lenard Blachly, 1st Squad 6-69 till WIA 4-9-70




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