AKA Dong Ap Bia, Hill 937, FSB Destiny, in Thua Thien Province, I Corps and to local Montagnard as THE MOUNTAIN OF THE CROUCHING BEAST.


Photo sent by Al Werth, courtesy of Bob German.


Located at the end of A Shau Valley, approximately 45 km WSW of Hue, 22 km NW the A Sap/A Shau AF, SF Camp/ville complex, 9 km NW Ta Bat, 3 km E of Laos and 25 km SE of Tou Rout. Sight of one of the last major hill fights of the war, 10-20 MAY 69. During Operation Apache Snow, elements of 2/501st and 1st ARVN Div suffered heavy and very controversial losses taking the hill from the 29th NVA Regiment. 3d/187th Infantry, 101st ABN started the battle on 10 MAY 69. On 11 MAY 69, they assaulted to within 25 meters of its crest and might have taken it, except a heavy rainstorm intervened, making the slopes a muddy quagmire. Elements of 1/506th, 2/506th and 2/501st reinforced with 2d/3d Infantry/1st ARVN Div all moved into position on 18-19 MAY 69, then launched coordinated final assault on 20 MAY 69. 56 US KIA and about 400 WIA resulted, as well as 630 enemy KIA, 3 POW’s and 40 crew served weapons captured. It became very controversial in the press and led to drastic reductions in aggressiveness of US operations that followed.

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