The Company Commander asked Dennis Peterson (class of 68-69), to draw up an insignia to paint on signs
and a patch was made up at the PX for B Company. The patch was sewn on the sleeves of the men in this company.
The patch said Bravo Barbarians.




Barb Lock Corporation – Al Werth (69-70)
First Aid Supplies Online – Chris Westwood (67-68)
Irland Group – Lloyd C Irland (69)
Right Choice Services – Bill Matelski (68-69)
Lotus Humanitarian Aid Foundation – John Ward (69-70)
Security One Lending – Chuck Maguire (67-68)
Twin Bay Medical, Inc.- Al Werth (69-70)

This page is intended as a LINK page for businesses of our B-2/501st members. If you are B-2/501st and would like your
business website listed, send information to the webmaster. This page was suggested by August Padelecki who thought it might be nice to be able to support the businesses of fellow B-2/501st members.



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