March 1969



Hoi Chanh, Ty, clowning around with Pat O’Leary on FSB Birmingham

Photo submitted by Pat O’Leary


The Chieu Hoi program was when a NVA soldier “came-across” to our side, so to speak. Open arms in Vietnamese. A program to encourage defectors from Viet Cong and NVA in 1969-70 in South Vietnam. About 80,000 took advantage of this program. Chieu Hoi leaflet passes were frequently dropped from helicopters and scattered over suspected enemy locations in order to encourage enemy soldiers to surrender as Hoi Chanhs. Possession of a leaflet was supposed to guarantee safe passage for the defector.

The bottom photo is another Hoi Chan named “Dinh Van Binh” who was in Nalley’s squad Sgt in the background is Kohmetscher from Nebraska
Photo was taken in mid 1970 and submitted by Don Otto



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