Cathy Jimerson, B-2/501st Webmaster

Let me introduce myself to those of you who haven't met me. I am Bradley Jimerson's wife (class of 67-68). I consider it a privilege and a joy to have created and continue to maintain this website. I am always happy to receive your input. If you have any ideas that you want to see implemented on YOUR website, let me know. My goal is to keep this website growing on a consistent basis and to encourage each B-2/501st member to reach out to each other; to strengthen the bonds you formed in Vietnam.

I encourage you to consider the following:
1) Submit your email address for the Email Roster page
2) Submit any info you wish for the State Roster page
3) Fill out the Reunion Response Form

If you were in the B-2/501st during 67-72 and you have NEVER contacted us, let us ASSURE you that there are those of us out there WHO ARE LOOKING FOR YOU and WOULD WELCOME your CONTACT!

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